Most Store-bought deodorants aren’t Effective Because They Contain A Low Percentage Of The Ingredient, So You May Need To Visit Your Pharmacist Or Ask Your Doctor To Recommend The Right Product.

Get some clinical-strength antiperspirant This one is just common sense, but not all deodorants are made equal and you may have to spend a little extra if you want to stop excessive sweating. There are many antiperspirants that are dedicated to stopping sweat. For people with hyperhidrosis (the medically recognised condition of excessive sweating), aluminium chloride is the active ingredient you need to look to combat the condition. When shopping for a good deodorant, look for products with 12 percent or higher aluminium chloride content. Most store-bought deodorants aren’t effective because they contain a low percentage of the ingredient, so you may need to visit your pharmacist or ask your doctor to recommend the right product. Did you know that there are wrong and right ways to apply antiperspirant? Apparently, most people don’t do it the right way. For maximum effectiveness, your deodorant should be applied at night before going to bed. This is because the aluminium chloride in your deodorant needs time to block the sweat glands.

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