Some Questions You Should Ask Yourself: How Important Is It To You That Potentially Harmful Chemicals Stay Clear Of Your Body?

Even if you aren’t a cologne wearer, I hope you’ve spent more than a few seconds selecting a deodorant, and that you can explain exactly why you picked it. (Please tell me that your answer isn’t “because it was the cheapest one”.) Deodorant is doubly important: First, it neutralizes your body’s own signature scent (musky top notes, with lingering base notes of beer and cheese), and in turn, it assures that your BO isn’t interfering with your $200 cologne. But not all odor neutralizers are created equal. Some tout an all-natural ingredient roster, while others embrace aluminum and promise a two-day-long antiperspirant streak. And that’s precisely why you should research your products before you buy them. Some questions you should ask yourself: How important is it to you that potentially harmful chemicals stay clear of your body? Are you willing to take a risk on antiperspirants to combat relentless sweating? Does your deodorant give you a rash? (Maybe you have sensitive skin and need a gentler product, or maybe the product itself is to blame.) Do you want a mostly natural lineup of ingredients, or an entirely natural roster?

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